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Our Partners

  • NYS Office of Children and Family Services
  • NY State Education Department
  • NYS Department of Health
  • NYS Office of Mental Health
  • NYS Office Temporary and Disability Assistance
  • NYS Early Childhood Advisory Council
  • Early Care and Learning Council
  • New York Association for the Education of Young Children
  • NYS Parenting Education Partnership
  • City University of New York, Early Childhood Professional Development Institute
  • Talking is Teaching (sponsored by Too Small to Fail)

Who Are We

The Council on Children and Families (the Council) coordinates New York's health, education and human services systems to provide more effective systems of care for children and families. This NYS Parenting website is funded by the Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five Initiative, Grant Number 90TP0019-01-01, from the Department of Health and Human Services, as  as a one-stop, digital parent portal for information on parenting, child care options, concerns about child development and how to talk and work together with your child’s teachers.

The Council worked closely with its member agencies to develop each of these main resources:

The Family Guide to NYS Early Childhood Services Parental through Age 5 is available online in multiple languages. This is a resource guide for families to connect and link children to early childhood services in New York State.

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