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Vaccination Resources for Parents & Caregivers of Young Children

New York State vaccination resources

Childcare Locator

NYS Child Care, After School, and Parent Support (Home Visiting) Programs Locator

Find Child Care and Parent Support programs Near You

This website provides information on child care, after school and parent support (home visiting) programs in one easy-to-access location. View the last tab to learn more about child care and after school oversight agencies. 

Parent Guide

Parent guide

Starting life together

This is your Guide, the story of the first five years of your parenting journey. Whether you are the mother or father (through birth, adoption, or foster care), a grandparent, partner, family friend, aunt or uncle with parenting responsibilities, what you say and do in your role as a parent matters.

help hub for families

Multiple Systems Navigator

Learn to Easily Navigate Multiple Human Service Systems

Access helpful health, education, human service and disability information on one user-friendly website. Built for youth, parents, family members and caregivers that rely on supports from multiple child and family serving systems.

NYS Every Student Present

Every Student Present

Ways to help your child attend school every day

Learn how to boost your child’s confidence, keep your child on track with school work, protect your child from bullies and keep your child healthy.